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Rain and Mowing Update!

Hi everyone,  it looks like starting tomorrow we are going to get a clearing in the weather.  Kenny has a schedule and route set up that should get everyone back on track as quickly as we possibly can.  They will be working sat and sun to play catch up.  If you have any questions about when your lawn is going to be done, unfortunately we don’t know just yet.  The schedule is completely messed up and they are going to get through them as quickly as they can.  Once they have made it through the routes we will be doing adjustments to the schedule to get everyone separated back out.  This means that for the next several weeks some people may be mowed a little early and other may be mowed a little late while we push the two weeks back apart.  Keep in mind the multitude of reasons we don’t mow wet grass, considering broken belts ($75-$100 each in case you’re wondering), rutting yards, breaking sprinkler systems, spreading disease from one yard to the other, and tearing grass blades instead of cutting them.  Thank you for your understanding and we will be seeing you soon.